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As an employer, you know that employee benefits play a vital role in attracting and retaining the best team.

So, how can you differentiate and make sure that the benefits you offer will help to attract and retain your key talent?

DeCare is Ireland’s only specialist dental, vision and wellness benefits provider. At DeCare we empower people to improve their oral, optical & general health over a lifetime. This is achieved through our corporate dental and vision benefits and supported by a full range of workplace wellbeing programmes and training


TeamCare by DeCare is our dedicated corporate dental insurance service, designed specifically for companies and their teams.


Eyecare by DeCare is our dedicated corporate vision benefit providing a full range of optical treatment cover.


Wellness from DeCare offers a range of general health clinics including dental and optical wellness training and programs.

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What Our Customers Say


“I found DeCare excellent to work with and the Wellness programmes are very informative, raising awareness in both oral and general health.”

Libby Bredin
Manager, EMEA Talent Services, 

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